The F Factor community is more than just talk

If you’re a woman working in the unique subculture of technology we will support you with connection, resources, mentoring and more so you can navigate a successful and rewarding career.

What is the F Factor?

When you become a member of The F Factor, you join a holistic support network of talented women in tech. You’ll learn from and support each other, and give back to the community.

Being a member of The F Factor is more than just talk – it’s being part of something bigger than self. You’ll create strong connections with women on similar journeys to yours, gain opportunities with the most progressive tech employers, and be inspired by leaders and influencers in and around the tech industry.

So whatever flavour of tech, whatever level, if you value connection and support, The F Factor community has your back.

Inclusion & belonging

The F Factor community welcomes and celebrates all women working in tech careers:

WOMEN DEFINITION// Women – transgender and cisgender, all those who experience or have experienced oppression as women, including non-binary and gender non-conforming people and all those who identify as women. Self-definition is at the discretion of the individual.

F Factor Mentorship Program

A mentor is like a career coach, therapist, friend and cheerleader all rolled into one! Essentially, it’s someone that has experience, wisdom and a perspective that can help you grow professionally. A mentor and mentee connect regularly and discuss career challenges, goals and successes. And it works both ways - mentoring others is hugely rewarding too!

The F Factor’s mentorship program has helped hundreds of women advance their careers since it began in 2019. And studies have shown that people who are mentored receive higher compensation, better promotions and increased job satisfaction. So what are you waiting for?

F Factor events

Around 4 times a year, members meet up with delicious food, drinks and music as the backdrop to uplifting gatherings of inspiration and connection.

Guest speakers are accomplished female leaders who have carved out impactful careers and come to fuel your journey. They reinforce the important opportunity we have to shape and influence our world and to seed future generations of ambitious women leading the charge. Speakers have included: Dr Catriona Wallace, Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith, Dr Kirstin Ferguson, Anna Meares OAM, Aubrey Blanche, Tanya Reilly, Ally Watson, Ronni Khan and more.

Your career

We only work with companies who are committed to taking the ACTION required to close the gender gap. Joining a company that is on our accreditation program means you can confidently focus on your career, knowing you’re valued, your voice will be heard and you can achieve your potential.

Our members get priority access to career opportunities with accredited companies.

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