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We’re on an ambitious journey to change the face of technology teams and leadership around the world. Our mission is to remove the lip service from Diversity & Inclusion in tech and be a catalyst for the systemic change the industry needs.

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Why Project F?

We’re a team of dedicated and passionate professionals, delivering real-world solutions to remove gender inequity from technology.

Our world-changing goals may be ambitious, but with the right people onboard they’re absolutely achievable.

It takes courage and purpose to create meaningful change, so if you’re up for the challenge, you’ve come to the right place.

Our values

Keep it simple

We value simplicity in everything we do and strive to always make the complex simple – it’s not about cutting corners, it’s about pragmatism, action, outcomes and focusing on the right things.

Do the right thing

We value integrity, taking a hit if we have to in order to do the right thing by our clients and our community.

Lead with purpose

We’re 100% purpose and values driven. We’re unapologetically ambitious in wanting to change the world for the better and we know it will take our purpose being front and centre of all we do.

Be brave

Breaking new ground isn’t for the faint hearted. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo, get out of our comfort zones and say it like it is.

Diversity matters

You bet we practice what we preach! Seeking perspectives that differ from our own can be uncomfortable so get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Human up

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to deliver on our promises, goals and plans, so we can be counted on and foster trust.

Perks & benefits

As a startup and a social impact business, we don’t yet have the structure and benefits of more mature and funded companies. You’ll work from wherever and have the flexibility to suit your life. But most of all, you’ll be doing work with meaning.

Equal parental leave

We promote, support and model equal caring so no one parent has to sacrifice their career or feel unsupported.

4-Day work week

Why work five days when you could work four? A three day weekend gives us all time to enjoy life, rest and take care of life-admin.


You work wherever you need to, we’ll set you up with what you need and all the tools for asynchronous collaboration.

Open roles

We have no positions vacant at this time.