Case study: offers a search and discovery service with powerful AI engines, including Neuralsearch™, the world’s first instant AI search technology, and reinforcement learning for self-optimising results.

Businesses of all sizes were using (formerly Sajari) to build site search and discovery solutions that maximise e-commerce revenue, optimise on-site customer experience, and scale their online presence. was serving billions of API requests every month on more than a thousand sites globally including BBC, Catch, Lockheed Martin, NSW Government, Rentpath, Sennheiser, Unity and many more.


Originally, Sajari came to Project F in 2021 to join the startup accreditation program and help set the foundations to create a diverse team. They employed just 19 people at the time and made full use of the Project F Startup Toolkit.

The toolkit included all foundational policies, plus templates, guides and tools that are critical for building a sustainably gender-balanced technology company.


The team at Sajari used the accreditation to full effect. Project F promoted their accreditation across their social channels, shining a light on its commitment to fostering gender diversity and inclusion. The foundational policies were embedded and the tools were used to achieve their planned goals. Then they rebranded to

"Project F played a critical role in helping us scale up and create an amazing team. The work you have done and made available to startups like ours was seriously so valuable."
Justin Koke, Head of Engineering, (now Director of Engineering, Algolia)

The results


Acquired by Algolio for >$100m

Within a year of implementing the Project F Startup Toolkit, had rebranded from its original name of Sajari and had been acquired for $100M+ by Algolio, the leading API-First Search & Discovery Platform.

Algolio is one of the largest search providers on the planet, processing trillions of queries from hundreds of data centres around the globe.


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