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While Canva launched just ten years ago, its trajectory has been anything but linear – now over 4000 people and a business with 170 million monthly users in over 190 countries. This is a story of the moonshot ambition of three co-founders to democratise design and to make a positive difference in the world all the while. So how does it feel to work in technology at Canva today? Read on.

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Project F certified since 2019

“It’s incredibly important to Canva that our people reflect the diversity of our product users. DEIB is a priority across our whole company.”
Cliff Obrecht holding the Project F accreditation certificate
Cliff Obrecht, 
COO and Executive Sponsor of Project F at Canva

Canva’s three co-founders are united in their commitment to create a diverse and inclusive culture throughout the company and in doing so, reflect the diversity of their users (who, by the way, are just over 50% women). Of course, it’s easier said than done with such a prominently technical workforce, focused on the design and build of their brilliant design software. Canva was just 650 people when they signed up for the Project F accreditation program in 2019, taking a systemic approach to removing hidden barriers for women in technology teams and leadership. Read about how it went in the case study .

Tech Leadership Team

Brendan Humphreys, 
Head of Engineering
Belen Garcia Fava headshot
Belen Garcia Fava, 
Head of Developer Platforms
Fawaz Ahmed
Fawaz Ahmed, 
Head of Infrastructure
Jim Tyrrell headshot
Jim Tyrrell, 
Head of Infrastructure
Simon Newton headshot
Simon Newton, 
Head of Platforms
Robert Kawalsky headshot
Robert Kawalsky, 
Head of Product
Paul Clarke headshot
Paul Clarke, 
Head of Security

Tech teams

  • Product – frontend and backend
  • Platform – same but working across infra and sec
  • Data and QA
  • Content & Discovery
  • Data
  • Design Experience
  • Ecosystem
  • Infrastructure
  • Growth
  • Marketing
  • Product Platform
  • Security & Trust
  • Teams & Education
  • User Voice
Sub Specialities include

Analytics / Android / Applied Science / Frontend/Backend/Full Stack Software Engineering / Business Intelligence / Business Systems / Data Analytics / Data Architecture / Developer Support/ Infrastructure / Internal Applications / iOS / Machine Learning / QA / Reliability / Security / Security Risk & Compliance / Systems Engineering / Tech Business Analysis / Tech Support / Technical Content Writing / Technical Program Management

Tech stack

Golang / Java / Javascript / React / Typescript / HTML5 / Swift / Git / Webpack / AWS / Python / MobX / DynamoDB / MySQL / MongoDB / ElasticSearch / Kotlin / Docker / Cloudflare / Terraform / Bazel / Nix / ELK / StatsD

Tech interview process


  • End to end, the process averages 4-6 weeks. Canva provides a thorough briefing guide so you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare. Remember, they want you to succeed and will support you throughout.
  • Leader level: 3 x tech & 2 x leadership interviews
  • Other levels: A talk with a Canva Recruiter / Technical interview / Final interview - incl. 3x45 min tech sessions and 1x60 min session on strategy, communication, leadership and values (same day or spread over 2 days)
  • Candidates will then hear back from Canva within 5 days and with feedback offered either way.

Technical aspects of interviews typically cover:

  • Computer Science Fundamentals, API Fundamentals, Schema Design, Data Structures/Algorithms, Distributed Systems, Coding Fluency and DB Fundamentals, Technical Communication and Problems Solving & Autonomy.
  • And for Frontend there is also UI HTML/CSS Styling and for Backend, there is also Systems Design.




Today more than ever, we all want to be able to connect to the mission, purpose and values of our employers. Canva’s values have become synonymous with their culture. It’s not just “Kool-Aid” here, these values are transparently and evidently lived. As a vendor partner to Canva, we know it to be true.

In addition to Canva's Company values in the boxes below, here are Engineering's values:

Strive for Pragmatic Excellence
We work hard to find the right trade-offs to deliver the best possible impact. Our goal is to find simple, robust, and scalable solutions to complex problems.

Dream Big Start Small
Perfect is the enemy of good, so we dream big but start small. This means setting ambitious goals and taking small but swift steps towards achieving those goals. Each step we take represents a useful improvement for our users.

Work with Empathy, Humility, Generosity
We believe that building a strong community of engineers is essential for everyone to do their best work. When we help each other, everyone wins.

How Does This Help Our Users?
We never lose sight of building cohesive products that delight our users.

Solutions Speak Louder than Problems
When encountering a problem, we focus on solutions and opportunities.

Make complex things simple
Always aiming for the most simple, pragmatic and effective solution to any problem. Think of the user.
Set crazy big goals and make them happen
Set ambitious goals, prioritise, hustle to execute and celebrate success!
Be a force for good
Making the world a better place through positive actions, inclusion and diversity.
Empower others
Empowering others to achieve their goals, both globally and within Canva.
Pursue excellence
Maintain a high bar for ourselves and the people we work with. Continuous growth development. Lead by example.
Be a good human
Valuing good communication. Being open, honest and constructive: individually, within your team, across the company and externally.


Work is just part of your life, not the whole, and it needs to be balanced. Canva’s perks and benefits clearly say wellbeing, inclusivity and balance are priorities:

  • Fully equal parental leave (that means no carer labels in sight)
  • Flexibility to work in any state, with Canva hubs now in most of them, including NZ 
  • Good paid leave over-and-above’s for more than just holidays
  • Well designed, dog friendly workspaces
  • Heaps of sustainability focus, including a carbon neutral certification and a partnership with OzHarvest
  • Confidential Employee Assistance Program that allows our team (and/or their immediate family members) to seek up to 12 paid sessions per year available in over 49 languages from +80,000 counsellors
  • Canva Foundation matches any donations employees make to a registered nonprofit up to a total of $5000AUD every year
  • Global Pass supports employees to work in locations around the world for up to 6 weeks

Click below to read more about the perks and benefits of working at Canva.

  • “Unstoppable Me” has become a hugely successful career coaching program at Canva, designed specifically to accelerate women in Engineering careers.
  • In 2020 Canva developed a clear skills and levels matrix to ensure career advancement is transparent and aligns with defined pathways.
  • From 5 people in a tiny office in Sydney in 2013, to over 3000 people, in offices around the world. Canva supports mobility into and around the company.
  • Coach Essentials is a program to upskill first-time leaders and managers
  • 1 extra day of leave for Professional Education towards your continued growth
  • Generous equity options in Canva are given so employees really feel a part of the company
  • After 5 years at Canva you get an entire month off, paid! AND a budget to support your Epic Recharge!
  • To support employees who may experience family or domestic violence, Canva gives 10 days paid leave and a one-off allowance
  • Access many discounts including 10% at BUPA, Canva Pro, corporate rates at hotels and car rentals.
  • Vibe & Thrive, a dedicated allowance that each person can claim for whatever best supports their wellbeing; from health memberships, to celebrations, to wellbeing and education.
  • Meet-Free Wednesday and ‘Sacred Lunch Hour’ have been added to everyone’s calendar to give space for deep work and give introverts or those not comfortable on Zoom, a break
  • Access 5 days of paid Flex Leave to help balance work & life commitments
  • Wellbeing PartnersSelect Wellness, share tips eg: Habits to Ease Anxiety, Creating Boundaries, and The Juggle is Real.
  • Flexible working is based on ensuring teams are able to work in the way that they feel most productive, whether that’s predominantly at home, in an office, or a mix of both.
  • Access to up to 8 weeks of paid Gender Affirmation leave to support social medical and legal affirmation
  • 3 days of paid “Force For Good” Leave to volunteer and support the community
  • Adjustments and adaptations for those that need it to make sure everyone can thrive
  • All parents are given 18 weeks of paid parental leave for AU, NZ & US, which is fully flexible across 2 years, with superannuation paid throughout.
  • Stillbirth and Neonatal Death PPL is offered equal to the full PPL
  • Flexible Return To Work policy includes keeping in touch days throughout leave periods and working 3 days for the first 4 weeks following leave and receiving full-time pay.
  • Sessions are offered with their external EAP/wellbeing providers as well as the internal coaching team throughout pregnancies or in the lead-up to adoption, and return to work, to help with the transition.
  • Coaching for working parents
  • Parents room at the office
  • Parents & Carers Club and Slack channel
  • School holiday care initiatives

A day in the life of a Canva software engineer

Share a day with Karo, a software engineer at Canva in Sydney (filmed during lockdown).

The stuff you want to know from Canva


The importance of diversity at Canva and how we are working on it

(by Jennie Rogerson, Global Head of People at Canva) One of the most important initiatives I’ve worked on is making Canva a true Celebration of Diversity. Before Canva, I was at a company of 40ish people and wanted to build a workplace where everyone felt that they belonged. I attended seminars, talked to Diversity experts, and read a lot. Still, many of the ideas seemed too far ahead of the stage we were at. The mountain of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) was too daunting, and for a time I was stuck, fearing I could unintentionally offend someone if I launched initiatives incorrectly.

A school girl sitting in a classroom with a laptop that has stickers on it including a Canva sticker

How we live our value of ‘Be a Force For Good’

At Canva, we aim to live our values each and every day. As a global platform with a community across 190 countries, we strongly believe in the important responsibility we have to use our voice, our platform, and our reach to stand behind these values that drive us.

Recycling bins at Canva's offices

Our Vision for Beyond Net Zero

This Earth Day is our moment to change it all — the business climate, the political climate, and how we take action on climate. At Canva, we’re fortunate to have built an amazing organisation on the premise of finding huge opportunities within interesting problems. We strongly believe that in every challenge there is opportunity, and there is no greater challenge facing the planet right now than climate change.

Awards & Accreditations

Current opportunities

Here are a few of the current opportunities in technology at Canva.

Frontend. Accessibility. Leading a cross-functional team to build features that make Canva designs accessible.
Ecosystem & Print team – building the ecosystem for a billion users and the ability to print anything! Based Australia or NZ.
Revenue Platform team, which owns the strategy and roadmap for enabling everyone, across the planet, to access paid features of Canva.
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The Project F accreditation explained:

Level 1

First phase of discovery and building the Project F roadmap

Level 2

Agreeing the first set of milestones from the roadmap

Level 3

Met and achieved first two sets of milestones from the roadmap (and beyond)