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Find out what a career in tech could be like at is tackling the inequality and capacity of the healthcare system. In these endeavours, they're also passionately tackling inequality in the workplace, focusing on creating equitable foundational systems, backed by fully invested founders. logo

Project F certified since 2023

At, we're really proud to team up with the folks at Project F. They're doing the crucial work of fostering spaces where women can thrive, and it's not just something to clap for — it's vital for the well-being and innovation of any team, ours included. Working hand in hand with Project F has just solidified what we already knew: diversity isn't just nice to have; it's a must-have for doing great work. Together, we're on a mission to create a future where everyone gets a seat at the table and a chance to shine.
Dr Aengus Tran
Dr Aengus Tran, 
CEO and Executive Sponsor of the Project F Accreditation
SydneyOfficeLaunchParty-HarrisonAnnaliseFranklin-LowRes-109-scaled-e1669596674607 is tackling one of the biggest problems we’re facing this century is the inequality and capacity of the healthcare system. Capacity in many areas of clinical diagnosis and treatment is under strain due to ongoing increases in healthcare demand combined with skills shortages. They’re using state-of-the-art AI and partnering with best-in-class healthcare specialists. They’re creating products through joint ventures (Radiology venture “” and Pathology venture “”).

While the science and technology sectors continue to be male-dominated, is committed to challenging the norm by proactively seeking out equitable practices that they are weaving through the business’s structure. Notably, Harrison. ai was ranked #2 on the AFR BOSS Great Place to Work list in 2023 in their category.

They joined Project F’s accreditation program to get a read on where systemic barriers for women exist in their systems and processes. Since starting this work, the team at has shown a level of commitment to aspire to! Taking feedback and working diligently towards achieving progress.


Tech Leadership Team

Andrew Chisholm
Andy Chisholm, 
Head of AI Platform
suneeta mall
Suneeta Mall, 
Head of AI Engineering
ryan kelly
Ryan Kelly, 
Head of Software Engineering
jarrel seah
Jarrel Seah, 
Director of Clinical AI

Tech teams

  • AI Platform
  • AI Engineering
  • Clinical AI
  • Program Management Office
  • IT

Tech stack

AWS / Python / Docker / Terraform / Kubernetes / Ansible / Selenium / PyTorch / Lightning / Rust

Tech interview process


Typically a 4-stage process that includes:

  1. A short initial interview with a talent acquisition team member to qualify suitability and answer any early questions
  2. An interview with the hiring manager focusing on technical knowledge and behaviours
  3. A technical task with options offered of either pair programming or a take-home task
  4. A final interview to discuss the task and establish culture and values alignment



Company core values

A thoughtful set of values that reflect the nature of work the company does and its philosophy on the people that do it.

Great responsibility is great opportunity
We fully understand the importance of the work we do and deeply care about the outcomes we're responsible for. We will protect people through scientific evidence in every endeavour. We'll act with a sense of urgency to make our solutions as widely accessible as possible, while achieving clinical excellence.
We do the best work of our lives together
Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, we'll flex to your working style. Our flexible work options include unlimited Work From Home days and part-time arrangements.
Imagination overcomes impossible
The toughest challenges give us the chance to make the great estimpact. Driven by curiosity and imagination, our bold ambition takes us to places others don't date to go.
Obsessed with the process
The way we do things is as important to us as the things that we do. While we move at pace, we pause at key moments to reflect. And once we get to the finish line of a sprint, we look back on how we performed, how we addressed issues and how we can do better.

What you need to know about benefits and perks at

The team at have done an outstanding job of developing an inclusive range of benefits to support all their people. Here are some highlights:

  • 16 weeks gender neutral and completely equal paid parental leave
  • 2 weeks paid leave when your kids start school
  • PPL covers pregnancy, adoption and fostering support
  • 1 week paid grandparents leave
  • Egg or sperm collection and freezing and IVF support
  • 24/7 EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
  • Flex includes unlimited Work From Home days
  • Access to an annual learning budget of $1000
  • Access to 16,000+ online courses via LinkedIn Learning
  • Hackathons
  • Peer-to-Peer Lunch & Learns
  • Additional paid leave includes 2 days for volunteering, 2 weeks when your child starts school, 1 week grandparents’ leave
  • $500 gift when starting your parental leave
  • Ultrasound reimbursed up to $1000
  • Free access to online learning + annual $1000 learning budget
  • $500 annual work-from-home allowance
  • Flu shot costs reimbursed
  • 3 free counselling sessions for you/your family with “Uprise”, their Employee Assistance Program
  • Access to Kinex Health wellbeing sessions to support physical and mental health
  • Wellbeing/Prayer/Quiet room
  • 2 days paid leave annually to volunteer at your favourite charity
  • Access to a nutritionist
  • 16 weeks of equal paid parental leave offered to all parents (fully gender neutral, no carer labels). Accessible for having a baby, adopting or fostering.
  • Superannuation is paid throughout paid parental leave
  • Access to ultrasound reimbursements up to $1000
  • A one-off payment of $500 is gifted to parents in the first pay following the commencement of parental leave
  • Access financial support up to $10,000 to support egg or sperm collection and freezing, and IVF. You can also claim a discount from the global leader in assisted reproductive services, Virtus Health.
  • 2 weeks of paid miscarriage leave for early pregnancy loss
  • Access to a library of resources in partnership with the Pink Elephants Support Network
  • For pregnancy loss after 16 weeks of pregnancy, you can access 16 weeks of paid leave

How do we 10 x the heroic work of clinicians?

The stuff you want to know from


Nail the next interview

We get it: The interviewing process can be hectic, difficult… in a word, stressful. That’s true of the general job market and it definitely applies when it comes to software engineering jobs, engineering roles, and other tech-heavy career stops. We’d like to give you the best shot possible to enter the world of tech & applied AI. In that spirit, please see below for a number of curated tips for getting a dream job at, direct from our world-class recruitment team.

Medical Doctor holding a world globe in her hands as medical network concept

Opinion: The future of AI

For what can only be described as a monumental leap forward in AI research, awe sits equally beside trepidation, as the prospect of more advanced and widespread AI systems raises sobering concerns. In this article, we’ll explore the history of these ideas, why people think they are important, and how they play into our thinking here at

Parent hand and baby hand launches gender-neutral "Becoming A Parent" policy

Parenting is one of the toughest gigs on the planet. The toughest gig calls for the strongest support. We are thrilled to share our ‘Becoming a Parent’ policy, offering gender-neutral support for employees, and hope that this may influence other businesses to innovate their own.

Awards & Accreditations

Current opportunities

Here are a few of the current opportunities in technology at

Software Engineer EOI
Joining the team on their mission to raise the standard of healthcare for millions of patients every day, through AI technology.
Clinical AI Specialist
Joining the team, to play a vial role in the design, development, evaluation and deployment of medical diagnostic software that will augment the field of pathology with the power of AI. A relevant PhD with a focus on AI technologies is required.
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The Project F accreditation explained:

Level 1

First phase of discovery and building the Project F roadmap

Level 2

Agreeing the first set of milestones from the roadmap

Level 3

Met and achieved first two sets of milestones from the roadmap (and beyond)