A DEI Accreditation for Tech minus the Lip Service!

From the moment companies engage Project F, they’re shown a clear path to achieving healthy levels of gender diversity in their technology teams.

The subculture of technology is well recognised but every company is different, that’s why the Project F accreditation program starts with a diagnosis. Focus is placed on understanding an organisation’s existing foundations and specific goals. We’re not interested in lip service, so the Project F Program takes a deep dive into a company’s structure and the outcome is that participants learn exactly what systemic changes need to be made to achieve their DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) goals. Project F’s charter is to bring down the number of women (over 50%) who exit technology because of male-dominated environments that favour the dominant archetype. Shifting stereotypes and levelling the playing field. So our Program has been designed to bring about sustainable outcomes for long-term organisation health. Meaningful change in DEI takes time, so we’re with our partners for the long term.

How does the Project F program work?

01 Pulse check

It all starts with a fast (and free) Pulse Check. This short quiz is a way to quickly reach an assessment of a company’s readiness for Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) change. Get a pulse check This first step gives you a BASELINE ASSESSMENT and will ID CURRENT STATE, letting you know how you rate against our Tech DEI Maturity Scale. You get a report on the steps you need to take in order to become accredited with the Project F Program. With what you’ve learned, you’ll be able to assess your organisation’s readiness to commit to the journey and explore the best way for you to achieve your specific goals.

02 Roadmap

Once an organisation has signed up for the Project F Accreditation Program, the magic happens. We conduct a deep dive into your company’s processes, structures, policies, and systems. We analyse the data that tells us what needs to happen for you to reach your specific Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) goals in technology teams. We compile and present a detailed report with data-informed insights, opportunities, and recommendations, so you can gain a deep understanding of where barriers exist for women in tech working in your organisation and what actions you need to take to address them. You will gain ongoing access to our powerful resources bank to assist you on your journey.

03 Long-term DEI maturity journey

We understand the complexities inherent in taking meaningful steps toward gender equity in tech’s unique subculture, so we’ll advise you throughout the journey.

Regular Review

We check in every quarter to review what you’ve accomplished and provide tools and guidance along the way as you continue your maturity journey. These are great times for reflection, making sure you’re on the right track and celebrating your achievements.

Accreditation Levels

As an energy boost and a way to track your progress, we celebrate your wins with stepped accreditation in recognition and celebration of the important milestones you’re achieving from your roadmap.

Industry comparison

At each accreditation point, you’ll see how you’re tracking on our DEI Maturity Scale and we’ll continue to review your progress at regular intervals. Understanding “what good looks like” and where your progress is taking you is key to realising the benefits of DEI in technology.

If you want to do more to remove systemic barriers for women in tech, book a chat with us or you can check our case studies if you need more convincing 🙂

And if you’re a startup, Project F has the perfect solution that’s cost-effective and will enable you to easily weave DEI into the fabric of your business for sustainable outcomes! Check out our Gender Balance Toolkits here.

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